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Diagram.NET is a free open-source diagramming tools written entirely in C#.

UPDATE [06/29/2009]
New source control and issue management: http://code.google.com/p/diagramnet/

Put Diagram.NET WinForm Control into your form and, like Microsoft Visio®, the user can draw shapes and links. With some code you can control, change, add and delete these elements.

A little history...

David Lojudice Sobrinho (aka Dals) needed a control to draw diagrams for a bigger project (that does not exist yet). Searching on the web, he found only commercial controls or broken open-source projects. After he read an article from Duncan Mackenzie, he started this project using C# (not like article, that uses VB.NET) and put it on GotDotNet. He studies things like GDI+ and Design Patterns and since jun/2004, Diagram.NET project is growing up with other guys' help .

Maybe you want to help

We are sure there are things you can do in our project, like coding (into or for project), testing, fixing bugs, documentation or just send us your feedback. The project is Alfa yet, so, there is a lot to do. There is a suggestions list  here . If you want to help, we will appreciate. Contact us or "apply to join" on GotDotNet.


The Diagram.NET project uses Shared Source License. So, you can copy, modify or distribute, with or without code and not even communicate us. This is really free, isn’t it? But a little of publicity will help us on our works. We will appreciate if you cite Diagram.NET in your project.